Pastor - Dave Branch
Pastor Dave Branch
Dave serves as Apostolic oversight for several ministries in the Rochester area, as well as fifteen churches in Malawi, Africa.
He and his wife Pat, founded Faith Chapel in 2000. They have 4 children and 12 grandchildren.
Faith Chapel has sent out one pastor to start a church and has also commissioned its first missionary who serves the Lord in Malawi, Africa on a short-term missionary basis.
He has been involved in Christian ministry for over 45 years and serves on several ministry boards
and is currently Chairman of Unpendo Children’s Village ministry in Malawi, Africa.( see mission outreach)
 Dave walks in and functions in the Apostolic calling that God has placed upon his life.  While he “fathers” many in the faith and helps them to walk in their God-ordained calling and destiny, his wife Pat is an active counselor to many women who look to her as their “spiritual Mom”!
Together they minister help and encouragement to local and international churches alike.
Dave is a father in the faith with a true heart for revival.

Music Director - Cheryl Toyama
Cheryl is currently is out of disability

Organist/Pianist - Maria Neale

Our Church Council -
Our Council consists of members of Riga Church who are commissioned to work alongside our Pastor and staff to guide the hearts, hands and feet of our congregation in its faithful ministry and mission.